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Wood Stain Colors and Finishes

Wood Stains

The current popular colors are earth tones and gray stains. Some are mixtures of stains. We use Minwax and DuraSeal stains.

Minwax Stains

DuraSeal Colors

DuraSeal wood stains are traditional wood flooring trade colors.

Duraseal Stains

Factors involved in a color

The final color is a combination of many things. It all starts with the wood. The wood has an underlying color or tint which shines through when using only straight finish (no stain) called natural finish. The first (sealer) coat determines most the color, be it straight finish or a pigmented stain. Protective polyurethane finishes applied over the sealer can tint the finish somewhat as well. See how the finishes can shift color.
The link below shows the difference between polyurethane
oil & water based on wood samples.

Oil vs water based finishes